Free Throat Hugs T-Shirt Funny Darth Vader Star wars


Free Throat Hugs T-Shirt Funny Darth Vader Star wars

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Free Throat Hugs T-Shirt Funny Darth Vader Star wars

Free Throat Hugs.  Here we have the mens new Grey Darth Vader T-Shirt Perfect for Starwars fans, sci-fi Geeks and Anyone Really! Available in Small / Medium / Large / X-Large / XX-Large. Made From 100% Cotton.

The first time seen  Darth Vader in ANH is him bursting through into the Tantive IV, black Nazi inspired suit and all joining in the shock and awe tactics of his Stormtroopers.

Next thing we know, he’s lifted up Captain Antilles by his throat and is choking him, demanding to know where the ‘intercepted transmissions’ are, thus beginning a theme of strangulation in Star Wars.

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